This year 2019 we are very proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary being Hotel Samba the first hotel in Spain certified in ISO 14001 and EMAS for its Environmental Management System and continue committed year after year to sustainable tourism in Lloret de Mar.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility covers the entire family that is part of Samba Hotels and this is reflected in our day-to-day management.

To celebrate our commitment, this year 2019 we have acquired the objective of minimizing all single-use plastic products to the maximum and replacing them with biodegradable and reusable products.

According to Greenpeace sources, each year, the seas and oceans are receptors of up to 12 million tons of garbage. The world situation is dramatic, especially taking into account that the production of plastics will approach in 2020 to 500 million tons (900% more than in 1980). These quantities, its easy dispersion and its slow degradation process turn plastic into the number one enemy of seas and oceans. Its use is a problem associated with the modes of consumption, since most are used for single-use containers. Spain is the fifth largest producer in the EU.

One of the keys to solving the problem of plastics is the change of mentalities in the culture of "use and throw". That is why from this season 2019, changes will be introduced to help reduce plastic waste and we hope for the collaboration and commitment of our customers to take care of our Mediterranean Sea that they love and enjoy during their vacations.

As initial measures, the consumption of plastic bottles in our restaurants and bars has been replaced by glass containers with "Agua km 0", water that has been filtered, free of chemicals. Water is not packaged, stored or transported, contributing to the sustainability of our environment

Would you like to join our #plasticfreeholidays initiative?




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