Far beyond its sunny beaches, Lloret de Mar offers a unique experience that takes you back to the heart of the Middle Ages. The Medieval Circuit of the city is an immersive adventure guiding you through centuries of captivating history. Discover this exceptional route that unveils the hidden treasures of the medieval era on the Costa Brava.

  1. Turó Rodó: An Iberian Village Anchored in Time

The circuit begins with an exploration of the village of Turó Rodó, one of the three archaeological sites in Lloret de Mar. This Iberian village, perched on a 40-meter-high promontory, transports you to the ancient world, just behind the Castle of En Plaja. Explore the richness of the region's ancient history while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views.

  1. Medieval Villages: A Journey through Catalan History

The Medieval Circuit also takes you to discover several medieval villages scattered along the Costa Brava. Explore historical gems like Palau Sator, Ullastret, Monells, and Sant Marti Vell. These villages, frozen in time, reveal preserved architecture and cobbled streets, offering an immersive experience into Catalan medieval life.

  1. Coastal Trail: A Stroll between Land and Sea

Immerse yourself in the essence of Lloret de Mar by exploring coastal hiking trails winding through the city. These paths reveal the secrets of Mediterranean fauna and flora while offering spectacular panoramas. Exploring along the coast connects you directly with the natural environment of the region.

  1. Sant Joan Castle: A Medieval Symbol Overlooking the Sea

Dominating the beaches of Lloret de Mar and Fenals, the Sant Joan Castle, built in the 11th century, stands as a symbol of the municipality. A visit to this historic site immerses you in medieval architecture while providing breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

  1. En Plaja Castle: An Architectural Masterpiece

Located at the end of Sa Caleta Beach, En Plaja Castle, though seemingly ancient, is a summer house built in 1935. An architectural marvel that testifies to the harmonious blend of medieval and modern.

  1. Sculptures and Legends: Works that Tell the Story

As you traverse the circuit, encounter iconic sculptures like that of Apollo and Daphne, created by the artist Bonaventura Ansó. These artworks draw inspiration from medieval legends, adding a magical dimension to your exploration.

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Explore the Medieval Heritage of Lloret de Mar: Unforgettable Historical Journey on the Costa Brava