The Hotel Samba, situated on the stunning Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar, has recently been acknowledged by the Consell de Relacions Laborals on the Map of Outstanding Experiences in Social Responsibility. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible practices, placing us among the few hotels on the Costa Brava featured on this prestigious map.

The Map of Outstanding Experiences in Social Responsibility: What Is It?

Initiated by the Consell de Relacions Laborals, the Map of Outstanding Experiences in Social Responsibility highlights Catalan businesses that excel in dedicating themselves to ethical, environmental, and social practices. For more information about our position on the map, explore here.

Hotel Samba: A Beacon on the Costa Brava

Our distinguished presence on this map is a testament to our exceptional commitment across different key areas of social responsibility, reflecting our constant concern for the well-being of our community, employees, and environment.

Our Commitment to Good Governance and Ethics

At the core of our strategy, good governance and ethics guide our actions. From the declaration of mission and values to the implementation of responsible management systems, along with our participatory dialogue with worker representatives, we strive to create a transparent and ethical organizational culture.

Transparency and Communication: Shared Values

Our commitment to transparency is evident through regular reporting on CSR issues. We actively communicate with stakeholders through dedicated channels and participation initiatives, strengthening our relationship with the community and fostering open dialogue.

Responsible Economy and Sustainable Development

Economically, our hotel invests in the green transition, prioritizes local purchases, and adopts a responsible approach to taxation. We take pride in being a player in responsible digital transformation, contributing to innovation and research for a more sustainable future.

Environmental Preservation at the Heart of Our Concerns

The Hotel Samba actively engages in environmental preservation. We have developed an environmental plan for the green transition, implementing concrete measures for pollution reduction, energy savings, and sustainable management of natural resources.

Fair and Healthy Workspace

On a social level, our hotel promotes equality and diversity through specific policies and actions for the integration of individuals at risk of social exclusion. From flexible work schedule initiatives to the promotion of health and well-being, we create a fair and healthy working environment.

Community Integration and Universal Accessibility Promotion

The Hotel Samba goes beyond its walls. We actively participate in the community through social programs, volunteer actions, and the promotion of the use of the Catalan language. Moreover, we continually work to make our hotel accessible to everyone, reinforcing our commitment to an inclusive society.

Conclusion: A Step Further toward a Responsible Future

Being featured on the Map of Outstanding Experiences in Social Responsibility is more than just recognition for the Hotel Samba. It is a testimony to our profound commitment to a responsible and sustainable future. We are proud to be among the leaders on the Costa Brava shaping a world where ethics and social responsibility are at the core of every action.

Join us on this journey toward a more responsible future, where each stay at the Hotel Samba contributes to a better world.

Hotel Samba in Lloret de Mar Recognized on the Map of Outstanding Experiences in Social Responsibility