This accommodation has a long story...

It all began 50 years ago, with the psychiatric clinic called the Torre Llunàtica, located just a few metres from the hotel.

Lloret was in a period of tourist expansion, and in the early seventies, when Samba began to be built, some of the clinic's patients escaped during the night and hid in the hotel's building site.

Since then, this hotel has been cursed. No one can sleep, no one can rest... one of the patients, nicknamed "La Sonambula", wanders through the corridors without letting anyone close her eyes...

But that's not all, the curse has also affected the workers, who after 50 years still lurk around here doing very strange things.

Lucky if you can sleep without being woken up.


Now that you know the story, you can stay at our hotel from 28th October to 1st November and experience the curse first hand.

This year will not be like any other, we are working to offer a superior stay, with an excellent atmosphere in all our facilities. We will offer themed dinners and we will have the collaboration of specialised companies and actors of national level, to offer unique experiences.

The first novelty this year is a sinister tunnel of terror inside the hotel. A dark passage, with scenes from a haunted hotel and menacing characters, where your nightmares will come true.

We also bring a proposal for lovers of adrenaline and terror, called do not disturb. Where spirits and evil creatures can enter your room when you least expect it. You will be their prey, will you let them in?

Apart from all this, our entertainment team will continue to carry out daily activities and shows, as a costume contest, so that both children and adults can enjoy this Halloween.

And if you're staying during these days, you'll also be able to benefit from and take part in the activities scheduled in Lloret de Mar, such as the PANIC RACE. A popular Halloween race to be held on 31 October, where you'll be able to enjoy decorated areas, scares and lots of partying while you do sport.

Are you going to miss it?

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Welcome to the Sonambula Hotel!