A unique case in Europe, the Samba Hotel, located in the town of Lloret de Mar, has been the first hotel to obtain ISO14001, EMAS certifications, the environmental quality label, the BIOSCORE seal, and the ISO 14021-based eco-label simultaneously. This achievement is the result of its sustainable policy and commitment to the environment since 1997.

The establishment uses an innovative system for the reuse of wastewater, allowing the collection and treatment of greywater from over 400 rooms, and subsequently returning it to the system to fill toilet tanks. Thanks to this, it has managed to save 260,000,000 liters of water, equivalent to 80 Olympic-sized pools or the amount of water that 1,000 families could consume in an entire year.

Furthermore, the Samba Hotel continues to implement other measures to reduce water consumption, such as the use of reducers on faucets or the reduction of the swimming pool depth. It also collaborates with the ICRA (Catalan Institute for Water Research) on various projects to find other applications for reused water, such as irrigation.

The Samba Hotel will uphold its commitment to the environment and encourages everyone to adopt more sustainable measures for a better future and greener spaces:

"According to our policy, in these challenging times, it is more important than ever that companies like ours take on their social and environmental responsibility. We are very proud of our efforts to save water, reduce our environmental impact, and our carbon footprint, and we hope that other companies in the hotel industry will follow our example."

The Samba Hotel encourages its customers to join this cause by responsibly using natural resources during their stay at the hotel. Through small daily actions, we can all contribute to caring for the planet and preserving it for future generations.

The Samba Hotel saves the equivalent of the water consumption of 1,000 families for an entire year.