After previous projects, such as CLEaN-TOUR, or ongoing projects, such as SUGGEREIX, financed by the ACA, the ReUseMP3 project has now been started.

The aim of this new research project, created and promoted by ICRA (Catalan Institute for Water Research) is to explore the feasibility of using nature-based solutions.

It is intended to treat the gray water, which is collected from the showers of the Samba hotel, for direct reuse purposes, such as the irrigation of crops for food production in a more sustainable way.

A variety of analytical methodologies are applied to analyze what is in gray water, as well as its impact on the environment and human health. Microplastics and their additives are also intended to be controlled in these studies, which include laboratory-scale experiments as well as field studies with real water.

Among the field studies that will be carried out, we find ourselves, the Hotel Samba in Lloret de Mar, where they will experiment with ornamental and edible plants irrigated with gray water treated with a hydroponic wetland.

In addition, all the data collected during the project will also allow the development of innovative decision support tools for water management.

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At Hotel Samba we continue to collaborate on research projects in the field of the environment!